Excel Experts

Bespoke Excel Tools

Although Excel provides a great basis for bespoke tools and calculations, in many organisations Excel doesn’t reach it’s full potential without the expertise in house to develop useful tools and processes.

On Hand When You Need Us

At The Excel Experts we know you don’t necessarily need a full time in house Excel SME, so we offer the services of our consultants on an hourly or per project basis to help your business achieve more with customised tools and solutions.

Unique Tools For Your Business Challenges

Whether you are looking for a financial planning tool, production forecasting or stock management, or even something really unique like a skills based task allocation matrix, we have working examples of hundreds of tools we have developed for businesses just like yours, which will exponentially improve your productivity.

No Wasted Functionality, No Workarounds.

Many out of the box applications are available online, some of which will fit your requirements and many of which will see you either designing process workarounds, or not using paid for functionality. Eliminate this waste by letting us design a tool exactly to your requirements using software you already know and use in house.
We used The Excel Experts to create a joint police and CPS performance tracker. The support we received was exceptionally insightful and professional facilitating us to build an innovative system to track performance. This has now been shared with a range of other areas and we have been back for more business since. The result has saved hours of time on a weekly basis and providing data analysis to drive our teams objectives.