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Ready to upgrade your Excel skills with a professional Excel Experts Academy Excel course?

Our UK based Excel training courses and perfect for:

– Individuals looking to gain and improve Excel skills
– Businesses that want to train employees in Excel

Learn Excel With The Excel Experts

Want to do more with Microsoft Excel? Learn everything you need to know with an on-site or online Excel course from The Excel Experts.

Almost everyone uses an Excel spreadsheet at some point in their work. Still, most users are unaware of the enormous power Excel provides in analysing and presenting data in an easily readable form.

Our courses are a necessity for anyone who wants to get the best out of Excel but does not know the most efficient way to do this.

Online or On-Site Courses

Tailored To Your Needs

For All Abilities

Maximum Efficiency At Minimum Cost

By integrating an Excel workflow solution into your business you can increase visibility of pertinent data within your organisation, reduce the opportunity for error, save on staff costs by ensuring appropriate resource is targeted at each stage of a process, and importantly, make the most of the investment you have already made in Microsoft Office.

Benefits Of Booking Excel Training

Increase Earning Potential

Having certified Excel skills can, on average, increase earning potential by 12%. Additionally, 82% of jobs require Excel skills and/or experience with productivity software.

Stay Up To Date With New Features

Software programmes regularly have updates and add new features, and Excel is no different. Excel refresher courses are a great way to go over your basic skills and learn about new features that will help make your job easier.

Boost Employability

Many functions use Excel, from accounting to marketing to coding and eCommerce. You will make yourself an easy hire for an employer by learning the right mix of Excel skills for the position you want.

Enquire About Excel Training

Contact our friendly team at The Excel Experts HQ to discuss your training options and to book onto one of our Excel training courses.

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