Excel Experts

Reporting Using Excel

Every business benefits from having information at its finger tips and Microsoft Excel can enhance your ability to get real time data from existing systems in order to make critical business decisions.

Report across multiple data sources

At the Excel experts our team of analysts and developers have a proven track record of delivering innovative customised reporting tools which can connect to your e-commerce system, ERP system or your CRM tool. Build reporting dashboards which automatically collate sales data from a variety of sources in order to identify trends or the impact of marketing campaigns.

Power BI Dashboards

Our Power BI Consultants have helped and mentored organisations on Power BI to help them understand their data. We have designed, delivered and automated Power BI Dashboards to reduce manual work, get fast and powerful insights, and provide you with the tools you need to improve your business.

Scalable Solutions

We ensure the best practices are tailored for your environment and our solution is future-proof in order to be scalable at any time. Our team focus on those topics that are most relevant to your situation and prepare a perfect solution to fit your current and future needs.
We used The Excel Experts to create a joint police and CPS performance tracker. The support we received was exceptionally insightful and professional facilitating us to build an innovative system to track performance. This has now been shared with a range of other areas and we have been back for more business since. The result has saved hours of time on a weekly basis and providing data analysis to drive our teams objectives.