Excel Experts

Excel Know How

Whether you are making use of an external Excel consultant or want to focus on upskilling inhouse, additional Excel training will always benefit your users as they become more proficient in understanding some of the hidden gems and crafty tricks available within Excel.

Learn How To Integrate Microsoft Office Applications

We can provide remote or onsite training across the entire Microsoft Office suite to ensure your users are fully tooled up with the skills to make the most of Excel and how it integrates with Word, Powerpoint and Outlook.

Advanced And Basic Excel Training

Our advanced training packages are tailored to your needs and abilities and all content produced in the sessions is yours to take away for future reference. Our basic training will cover areas such as:

MS Excel – learn more about: Pivot tables, charts, sorting, filtering, data manipulation and formulas including VLOOKUP, IF and SUMIF.

MS PowerPoint – learn about best practice including: Slide masters, animation, transitions, alignment and SmartArt.

MS Word – training topics can include: Contents, bullets and numbering, footnotes and cross-referencing.

MS Outlook –  find out how to: Set up flagging items, update contacts and tasks, set up rules and diary management.

Experienced, Friendly Trainers

Our team of Excel Specialists are always happy to share their knowledge and experience and make every training session fun as well as informative. We always make sure all delegates on a course are fully supported to ensure they are comfortable with the techniques being taught, ensuring they consolidate their knoweldge so they can make best use of it back in the world of work.
We used The Excel Experts to create a joint police and CPS performance tracker. The support we received was exceptionally insightful and professional facilitating us to build an innovative system to track performance. This has now been shared with a range of other areas and we have been back for more business since. The result has saved hours of time on a weekly basis and providing data analysis to drive our teams objectives.